The Clifford Brown Listening Garden includes the central stone sculpture, memorial benches, chess bench, mosaic paving, and granite enclosed speakers designed by Rick Rothrock.  Motion detectors sense movement and a random selection of Clifford Brown's music plays from an interactive sound system emanating from speakers surrounding the central sculpture.

sound design Ashley PigfordCB_Park_dedication.html
stone speaker enclosure artist Rick Rothrock

etching by Anita Lucero


granite speaker design Rick Rothrock

2008    Twin Obelisks (central sculpture)  and  Clifford Brown Garden      granite    14.5’ x 5.5’ x 2’

2009    Benches and center garden

2011    Listening Room     stone/ granite, limestone, concrete pavers        14.5’ x 50’ x 50‘

Client : City of Wilmington      Sculpture, Benches, and Design : Rick Rothrock

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