@ RR 2021

The sculpture models human energy in balance with itself and nature. Its spirals twist both clockwise and counter clockwise, animating a human form balancing on two legs and raising its arms gracefully into the air. The unbiased harmonic swirl signifies a gesture of empathy, aspiration, hope and joy and represents homeostasis, a stable equilibrium between interdependent elements.

At 20 feet, it occupies the open space completely from all perspectives. The form invites viewers into the space to explore the park and the sculpture. The open passage rises 8’ above the plaza inviting the public to a view from under and through the form while discouraging climbing. It defines a passageway accessible to visitors of all abilities with an on grade width of seven feet and a pedestrian overhead free space of 8’. The sculpture is made of brushed finish marine grade stainless steel. This sculpture will require little to no maintenance through all weather conditions and with simple cleaning remain in as new condition.