Can-Do Playground

The playful sculpture that greets visitors to the Can-Do Playground was created  from a 9.5-ton boulder of Brandywine Granite.  Rick found the huge stone on surrounding park grounds and cut the boulder in two “as if a giant came along and split it, leaving the two halves where they fell.  It is a statement that this gem of a playground is found within the park, like crystals within a geode.” A Boundless Playground®, Can-Do allows children of all abilities to share the creative experience of playing. The mirror image represents the fact that there are other ways to see and interact the world.

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   2007   6’2” H X 6’10” X 14”     diabase

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Reflection at Can-Do Playground was designed and created by Wilmington, Delaware sculptor Rick Rothrock in conjunction with the Rotary clubs of northern New Castle County, Delaware and the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation. It is located within the Alapocas Run State Park in Delaware.